Michelle Manning
Owner/ Bodywork therapist

Meet Michelle, a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist and holistic healer with an impressive 24 years of experience in alternative care. Her journey into the world of alternative health began in the 90s when she faced chronic pain due to injuries, a genetic disorder, and an autoimmune disease.

Michelle's passion and dedication stem from her personal experience, and her mission is clear: to educate and empower others to embark on their own journey towards self-healing. She firmly believes that radiant health is within reach for everyone through a combination of education, cultivating better habits, and nurturing a positive intent of mind.

If you're seeking support on your path to wellness, Michelle would be honored to guide you along the way. Her wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach make her an ideal partner on your journey towards achieving your health and wellness goals.

Michelle Manning LMBT, CMLDT NC State Licenced.#15551

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